Robert Jon & The Wreck are a double shot of southern rock with a blues chaser. Roots rock jams, whiskey drenched lyrics and fervent stage shows only scratch the surface of what makes RJ&TW one of the best live bands to emerge from Southern California in years. With a growing discography and billings alongside the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Sturgill Simpson, and Peter Frampton, the quintet is poised for their greatest work yet. Based in Orange County, CA with a vibe straight out of the south, Robert Jon & The Wreck are blazing a path into 2020 with a new album and international tour.

Composed of Robert Jon Burrison (lead vocals/guitar), Andrew Espantman (drums/background vocals), Steve Maggiora (keys/background vocals), Henry James (lead guitar), and Warren Murrel (bass), Robert Jon & The Wreck are currently writing their fifth LP. The new album is untitled to date and set for release in spring of 2020, and will launch a stateside tour that spans southern California to Florida. The U.S. dates will be followed by a European leg toting stops in Valencia, Paris, and Frankfurt, with bookings still underway and locations in Japan and Australia to be announced.

 The new LP comes on the heels of 2019’s Take Me Higher, the integral album that fueled their European fan base and led to three treks across the Atlantic. The group’s 2019 shows were paramount to their growing success, furthering their reputation as an exceptional live act and generating a spike in interest stateside and abroad. Considering the band feels most at home while on the road, 2020’s tour-heavy forecast is a welcome one. Standing on the shoulders of rock giants to create a sound that’s irresistibly all their own, Robert Jon & The Wreck are the buzz the world needs right now. Getting wrecked never felt so good!


From left to right: Robert Jon Burrison (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Warren Murrel (Bass), Steve Maggiora (Keys/Vocals), Henry James Schneekluth (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Andrew Espantman (Drums/Vocals)

Meet the Band

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Robert Jon Burrison lays it on all the line for Robert Jon & The Wreck. The driving force behind the band, he works year-round ensuring they’re on the road or in the studio. The namesake lead singer grew up listening to his to Dad’s Motown records and playing the drums, but when he discovered classic rock as a young teen he picked up a guitar and never looked back. Burrison tips his hat to endless blues and rock icons that continue to inspire him, but also finds inspiration close to home with Jay Buchanan from RIVAL SONS who has been a friend, mentor, and champion of Robert Jon & The Wreck for years. When Burrison’s not rocking venues or working on new material, he can be found enjoying a generously poured glass of whiskey or trimming his impressive beard. 


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Drummer Andrew Espantman’s uncle played bass and toured Europe with a Danish pop star. Naturally, he looked at his uncle and thought, “If he can do it, why can’t I?” And that’s just what Espantman did – minus the bass and Danish pop star. Holding down the rhythm section since Robert Jon & The Wreck formed in 2011, Espantman continues to deliver fiery percussion in the studio and on the road. His time interning at Spitfire Studios for Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray) led to a long relationship with the esteemed producer, who worked with the band on four albums. Inspired by greats like John Bonham with a sweet spot for tastemakers like Travis Barker, Espantman delivers beats on his custom Ludwig type C drum kit that’s reminiscent of a blue candy cane and very likely the only one of its kind. 


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Equal parts charisma and talent, Steve Maggiora puts “The Wreck” in Robert Jon & The Wreck. When he’s not lending impassioned keys, stellar writing chops and soulful harmonies to RJTW, he’s writing and composing for his solo project. Released under his own name, Maggiora’s solo work includes three full length albums, five EP’s and 14 improvisational solo piano records. Averaging between 350-400 shows per year between projects, Maggiora's arrangements and compositions have also been performed by members of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and by performing arts organizations in over 20 countries worldwide. A music man with a passion, he carried his knowledge forward by teaching chorale students for nine years at public and private school systems in three states. Additional credits include session work for Warren Huart, Daniel Powter, Mark Broussard and Calum Scott, and producer credits for The Young Americans from 2003 – 2012. 


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Joining Robert Jon & The Wreck in 2017, Henry James is the lead guitarist and overall groove master bringing psychedelic edge to southern rock. Fascinated with the classic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, James spent his teenage years in various psychedelic blues bands that performed around southern California. When he’s not performing with RJTW or customizing his own guitars, he’s focused on his side project, King Tree & The Earth Mothers. The project features original compositions that pay homage to psychedelic and progressive rock. If James can find spare time beyond his musical ventures, he’s out hunting for vintage vinyl, a good comb, and spare guitar parts. 


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Bassist Warren Murrel has been liberating the low end for over a decade. Prior to joining Robert Jon & The Wreck in 2017, he played bass with several SoCal acts including The Higgs, MadTab, PWEST, DMTina & the Bumps and Sutter Zachman Band. Murrel is also a graduate of the Musicians Institute for Drums and Audio Engineering, with a session engineer resume that includes work for Dweezil Zappa, Don Preston, Gordon Campbell and many more. When Murrel’s not jamming with Robert Jon & The Wreck on his one of a kind Echo Park J Bass, you can find him sipping a strong IPA in sweatpants or enjoying long walks on the beach (seriously). 


Released May 8th, 2020

Produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck | Co-Produced by Jeff Frickman | Recorded and mixed by Jeff Frickman at Sonic Groove Studios, Burbank, CA | Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Mastering, New York, NY | All songs written by Robert Jon & The Wreck | Additional Piano, Guitars and Percussion recoreded at MAPS Studio, Fullerton, CA - Mike Willson, Engineer | B3 Recorded at Zion Studios, Santa Ana, CA - Dallas Kruse, Engineer | Vocals recorded at Hybrid Studios, Santa Ana, CA - Steve Maggiora, Andrew Espantman, Henry Schneekluth, Engineers. Cameron Rae, Assistant | Horn arrangement for "Work It Out" by 504 Horns, New Orleans, LA - Recorded and arranged by Jason Parfait. Jason Parfait, Saxophone / Ian Smith, Trumpet | Additional Background Vocals recorded at Apple Street Studios, Berrima, New South Wales, Australia
Ben Rogers, Engineer. Vocals by Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae, & Juanita Tippins | Strings for "Last Light on the Highway" recorded at Shuffle Brother Studios, Gallatin, TN. String Arrangement and Performance by Gideon Klein. Engineered by Gabe Klein | Additional Vocals recorded at ASP Recordings, Costa Mesa, CA. Steve Maggiora, Engineer | Additional Percussion by Jeff Frickman at Sonic Groove Studios, Burbank, CA | Album Artwork by Bart Bemus | Album Layout & Design by Steve Maggiora & Andrew Espantman | Copyright © 2020 Robert Jon Music. All Rights Reserved.


Released May 11th, 2019

Produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck | Co-Produced by Jeff Frickman | Recorded and Mixed at Sonic Groove Studio, Burbank, CA 

Jeff Frickman, Engineer | Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA | Vocals recorded at Hybrid Studios, Sant Ana, CA | Andrew Espantman, Engineer | Steve Maggiora, Engineer | Cameron Rae, Assistant Engineer | Additional vocals recorded at ASP Recordings, Costa Mesa, CA | Steve Maggiora, Engineer | Album artwork by Eric Vermilyea | Copyright © 2019 Robert Jon & The Wreck. All Rights Reserved. | Special Thanks: John Hampton, Enoch Kuala, Kevin Geraldez, Wes Varghese, Manny Montana, Mike Miller, Billy Klein, Jeff Frickman, Brian Clairemont, Rachael Brown, Erika Roybal, Amanda Dyba, Greg Schneekluth, Doc Pitillo, Ryan Smith

Live from Hawaii - available only on bandcamp.com and the official Robert Jon & The Wreck online store.

Recorded live at the Courtyard by Marriott King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel in Kona, HI on August 17th, 2018.

released October 18, 2018 

Mixed by Jeff Frickman at Sonic Groove Studios, Burbank, CA | Engineered by Alec David Bauer | Concert presented by BD McGees, Gary Hicks, promoter | Special thanks to: Courtyard by Marriott King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel, Lava 105.3, Big Island Harley Davidson, Big Island Sessions, Hampton Productions


The 3rd Full-Length record from SoCal Groove Dudes.

released May 1, 2018

CREDITS: Robert Jon Burrison: Lead Vocal/Guitar | Kristopher Butcher: Lead Guitar/Vocals | Steve Maggiora: Keys/Vocals | Andrew Espantman: Drums/Percussion | Dave Pelusi: Bass/Vocals | Produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck | Co-Produced by Jeff Frickman | Mixed by Jon O'Brien at The Music Box, Fullerton, CA | Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper, TurtleTone Studio, New York City, NY

All songs written by Robert Jon & The Wreck

Recorded at Sonic Groove Studios, Burbank, CA | Engineered by Jeff Frickman | Assisted by Ed Silberstein | Additional tracking at Hybrid Studios, Santa Ana, CA | Joshua Brooks, Engineer | Steve Maggiora, Engineer | Additional Vocals for "I Know It's Wrong" and "High Time" by Anesha Rose | Saxophone for "High Time" by Adrian Olmos | Additional Guitars recorded at ASP Recordings, Orange, CA | Steve Maggiora, Engineer | Album Art by Kristopher Butcher | Album Layout and Design by Steve Maggiora

Wreckage Vol. 1 is a re-packaging of two of Robert Jon & The Wreck's older EPs, "Rhythm of the Road EP" and "The RedBull Sessions". Sure to be the first of many, future volumes will include live recordings, unreleased tracks, etc.

Tracks 1-6: Originally released as "Rhythm of the Road EP", June 8th, 2013 (see credit details below).

Tracks 7-12: Originally released as "The RedBull Sessions", July 4th, 2014 (see credit details below).

Good Life Pie marks the 4th project teamed up with producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith). Recorded at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, CA, and mixed at Spitfire Studio in Los Angeles, CA, Good Life Pie showcases a band on the rise.

Every facet of this new collection of tunes, from tones to songwriting, is an improvement on an already established blend of catchy hooks, melodies, and memorable choruses, with even more stunning harmonies, and a depth of lyrical content that really kicks it up a notch from their previous work.

Currently on a 6-week, 8-country, 40-show tour in mainland Europe through Teenage Head Music, this quintet isn't slowing down anytime soon. Make sure to look out for this epic record in all your digital stores. #GetWrecked.

Released May 13, 2016  |  Produced by Warren Huart  |  Mixed by Warren Huart & Sam Martin at Spitfire Studio, Los Angeles, CA  |  Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, Porland, ME  |  All songs written by Robert Jon & The Wreck  |  Recorded at Hybrid Studios, Santa Ana, CA  |  Engineered by Brennan Edmondson and Steve Maggiora  |  Assistant Engineering by Joshua Phillip Brooks  |  Additional guitars and vocals recorded at ASP Recordings, Orange, CA  |  Steve Maggiora, Engineer  |  Additional vocals for 'Rollin'' by Anesha Rose  |  Additional guitars recorded at Spitfire Studio, Los Angeles, CA  |  Sam Martin, Engineer  |  Album photography by Sean Rosenthal  |  Rebecca Rogers, Model  |  Album Art by Kristopher Butcher  |  Album Layout & Design by Steve Maggiora  |  Copyright © 2016 by Spitfire Music. All Rights Reserved.  |  Robert Jon Burrison - Lead Vocal/Guitar;  Kristopher Butcher - Lead Guitar/Vocals;  Steve Maggiora - Keys/Vocals;  Andrew Espantman - Drums;  Dave Pelusi - Bass/Vocals

"Glory Bound" is the latest effort from Robert Jon and the Wreck, which follows up 2013’s EP, Rhythm of the Road. One thing is clear after taking Glory Bound for a spin, Robert Jon and the Wreck is a group to watch on the blues rock scene.

The album opens with “The Devil Is Your Only Friend,” and it’s obvious Robert Jon and the Wreck have the southern blues rock sound down pat. The group’s sound is similar to that of the Temperance Movement, which is definitely a good thing. Glory Bound is filled with catchy hooks, melodies, and memorable choruses. Such is in the case with tracks like “When I Die” and “Georgia Mud.” “Georgia Mud” was featured on Rhythm of the Road, but was re-recorded for Glory Bound. The track features a killer opening riff, which will make the listener crank up the volume. The title track is another standout, “So lay your burdens down, watch the world keep turning ’round, so lay your burdens down, and we’ll be glory bound,” sings Robert Jon, which is capped off by some tasty slide playing.

While the year is still young, Glory Bound may end up as one of the year’s best albums. The album has it all with great variety in the songs and excellent musicianship. This is is band that deserves more exposure and attention, so jump on the train now because Robert Jon and the Wreck are coming down the tracks."

-Blues Rock Review, 02/12/2015

Released February 24, 2015  |  Produced By: Warren Huart  |  Engineered By: Warren Huart, Sam Martin, and David Schwerkolt  |  Additional Engineering by Nico Grossfeld  |  Mixed by: Warren Huart and Sam Martin  |  Assisted by Connor Stobaugh, Jake Gable, and Matt Emonson  |  Recorded at Sunset Sound Studios & Spitfire Studio  |  Mixed at Spitfire Studio  |  Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering  |  Photography & Album Design by Kyler Locke  |  Robert Jon Burrison - Lead Vocals, Guitar;  Kristopher Butcher - Lead Guitar, Vocals;  Steve Maggiora - Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Organ;  Andrew Espantman - Drums;  Nick Phakpiseth - Bass

"Rhythm of the Road is the latest six track EP from Californian blues rock troupe, Robert Jon & The Wreck. The band is familiar with packing a punch whether they’re performing live or hooked up in the studio. And this album has that punchy attitude all over it.

The first track “Rhythm of the Road” combines an abrasive guitar tone with a similarly coarse bass and drum section. Robert Jon Burrison has the pump in his voice that can overlay such a backing and not be made to feel insignificant. That same gritty tone continues throughout the EP, but really seems to come alive and peak in the second track “Georgia Mud.” The riff making hits the spot and the chorus is enough to get you humming along.

The rest of the album follows the same gritty path, big lead, big rhythm, big sound. Previous works by the band have shown they have the scope to mix up the dynamics of a tune and not always go heavy, but this vigorous EP is built for the road and all the live shows that follow."

-Blues Rock Review, 08/05/2013

Released 08 June 2013  |  Produced by Warren Huart  |  Engineered by Warren Huart, Phil Allen, Ari Judah  |  Assisted by Sam Martin, Nico Grossfeld, Hannah Finegold  |  Mastered by Robert Vosgien, Capitol Records  |  Recorded at Swing House, Los Angeles  |  Mixed by Warren Huart and Phil Allen at Spitfire Sound  |  Photo by Robert Jon Burrison  |  Album artwork by Steve Maggiora  |  Band Logo/Title graphic by Travis Ruiz  |    Robert Jon Burrison - Lead Vocals, Guitar;  Kristopher Butcher - Lead Guitar, Vocals;  Steve Maggiora - Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Organ;  Andrew Espantman - Drums;  Nick Phakpiseth - Bass

This 7" split vinyl released by Creme Tangerine Records is RJTW's first time being printed to wax. "Breaking Down The Road (Feat. Nicole Vaughn) was recorded at ArtiSans Label in Fullerton, CA by Kyle Griffin and The Wreck's own Andrew Espantman. Mixed by Berrett Slagle, this rip-roaring tune houses one side of the disc, with the flipside of this 7" split is a butt-kickin' tune called "Bottle" from fellow SoCal rock renegades, Jeramiah Red.

Released September 2012 | Recorded at ArtiSans Label, Fullerton, CA  |  Engineered by Kyle Griffin and Andrew Espantman| Mixed by Berrett Slagle  |  Robert Jon Burrison - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals;  Nicole Vaughn - Background Vocals;  Steve Maggiora - Piano, Background Vocals;  Andrew Espantman - Drums, Percussion;  Kyle Neal - Lead Guitar, Background Vocals;  Derrick Wong - Bass

The debut album from Robert Jon & The Wreck. Self-produced, this quintet definitely brought the heat with this album and their first tour, self-booking throughout the continental United States for an over 60-show run!

Credits: Bass - Derrick Wong | Drums - Andrew Espantman | Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals - Kyle Michael Neal | Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Acoustic Guitar - Robert Jon Burrison | Piano/Rhodes/Backing Vocals - Steve Maggiora | Organ - Dallas Kruse | Produced by Andrew Espantman | Co-produced by Barrett Slagle & Robert Jon Burrison | Mixed by Michael Vail Blum | Engineered by Julius Callahan, Andrew Espantman, Kyle Michael Neal, Kyle Griffin, Steve Maggiora | Mastered by Dale Becker